How to prepare for your project

You’re excited! How could you not be? You’ve planning and thinking about this project for a very long time. You probably still have your initial sketch doodled on the back of an envelope or a restaurant napkin. Now the hard part is over and all you have to do is schedule your selected contractor.

I wish I could tell you that you are right, but that would be misleading. You may be able to maintain that smile for a few weeks before you realize that your entire life has been turned upside down. Yes, even though we take every precaution to minimize our clients stress, it still takes its toll.

Here are few things to remember in order to keep your sanity:

  1. Your home is your refuge at the end of a long day, or maybe you work from home. Either way, the construction process will be a complete disruption of your life as you know it. The best way to avoid this chaos is to move out. This however, is not usually an option. The next best thing would be to “get away” for the weekends. Sitting around in a construction site for two days while nothing is getting done can be taxing on your patience threshold. Even during the week, you could go for a walk or go to the movies. You could walk your dog or let your dog walk you.
    This is perhaps the most important tool. When used properly, we avoid the unnecessary chaos you’ve heard about when listing to your friends “remodel horror story” for the 19th time. Establish a two-way method of communication that is reliable such as email, faxes, or hand written notes at an establish place in the home. Do not rely on voice or text massages. They can be forgotten or erased. Documentation is very important.
  3. Understand the industry limitations. Schedules can break down for multiple reasons. Such as weather, changes in design, back-ordered materials, etc…. Often these things can’t be controlled. The best thing to do is take a deep breath and relax. Remember that you hired the best remodel contractor there is. You’re in good hands. Now go walk the dog.
  4. Speaking of dog, if you have animals, you should know that remodeling your house can traumatize your pets. As their care giver, you probably know the best way to handle them. Please don’t rely on the workers to keep an eye on your pets.
  5. Try to set realistic expectations with in your budget. Changes during the project will always cost more. This often can lead excess spending and unmet expectations. This of course leaves you feeling dissatisfied. Trust your designer and contractor to help you make realistic choices during the project. You’ll be glad you did.

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